If you’re interested in having your investments reflect your values, where do you start?

FundX President Janet Brown has been managing sustainable portfolios for decades now, and she explains how sustainable funds can help you make money and make a difference.

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If you want to invest in a way that makes money and makes a difference, sustainable funds are the best place to start, and here’s why:

1. Sustainable funds do in-depth research on a company’s environmental, social and corporate governance practices

Most of us have neither the time nor expertise to truly evaluate a company’s behavior on environmental, social and corporate governance issues. But today there’s a growing number of funds doing this important work.

2. Sustainable funds address a wide range of issues

Sustainable or impact funds let you own a portfolio of progressive companies in one fund purchase, and these funds are working to make a difference on many important issues, including pollution, diversity and equality.

3. Sustainable funds have a long history of success

Sustainable responsible impact (SRI) funds aren’t a new trend. They’ve been around for decades (the first fund began in the 1970s). There are now hundreds of funds to choose from and SRI funds cover nearly every area of the market and the globe.

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I’d like to make sure you’re aware of the rapidly growing area of impact investing.  

Many investors I speak with these days aren’t only focused on numeric returns.  They also want to invest in a way that has a positive impact — that is to improve our world by directing the flow of capital to investments that create benefit.

A  Morgan Stanley report found that 71% of investors are interested in what’s now called sustainable investing.  And this interest is being met with more and better fund offerings. Continue reading “Sustainable Investing – How to Get Started (video)” »

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fb-SRISep16How can you make a difference as an investor? How can you grow your portfolio and also make a positive impact on the world around you?

These are the questions we’re increasingly hearing from investors.

They know they need to invest for growth so they’ll have a secure and comfortable retirement, but they also see their investments as a way to vote with their dollars.

If two companies—or two funds—are doing well, they’d rather invest in the one that’s more environmentally friendly or more focused on providing safe workplaces for its employees.

They want to support companies that are trying to do the right thing, and they also believe that these companies may be more successful over time. A company that makes money based on limited resources or questionable ethics may face new regulations or costly lawsuits that could really hurt its bottom line.

But how can investors really evaluate a company’s environmental record? How can they know if a company is treating its workers fairly or if a company includes women on its board of directors? Few people have the time or the expertise to do this important work, but it’s what sustainable responsible impact (SRI) funds have been doing for decades.

How SRI funds can help you make a difference

Continue reading “How to Make Money and Make a Difference” »

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