moneylifeshow-image“Our goal is to keep investors focused on a process that adds value over time,” FundX President Janet Brown told’s Chuck Jaffe. Janet was on Jaffe’s MoneyLife online radio show on May 26, 2015.

“We don’t want to get distracted by the latest story or prediction about what might happen in the market. Instead, we invest based on what actually is happening. We focus on current performance to identify market leadership, and then stick with it in a disciplined way,” she said.

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What Funds Have Been Leading?

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forbesimageIn April, the Nasdaq finally hit a new high after 15 long years. What can you learn from tech-heavy index’s recovery?

FundX President Janet Brown shared four important lessons in her latest Forbes piece.

Click here to read Four Lessons From The Nasdaq’s 15-Year Recovery.

Lessons #1: Lagging areas of the market may be out of favor for many years.

As Janet explained, “Many investors believe that if they hold a lagging fund long enough, it will eventually come back into favor But the Nasdaq reminds us that lagging areas of the market may remain out of favor for much longer than most investors expect.”

Lesson #2: Good stories aren’t necessarily good investments.

“Back in 2000, investors who clung to the reasons why tech should do well ignored the simple fact that tech wasn’t doing well–and they missed out on the chance to own better performers.” Janet wrote.

What else can you learn from the Nasdaq? Find out in Janet’s Forbes post.


Simple Tips for Managing a Taxable Account

May 14, 2015

A reader called in with a question for one of our portfolio managers. The caller had been using NoLoad FundX to manage his tax-deferred account for many years, but he’d recently inherited a taxable account and he wasn’t sure if he should manage a taxable account the same way that he’d managed his tax-deferred account. […]

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Janet Brown’s May 2015 Video

May 12, 2015

Markets change, and these changes may be unrelated to logic or economics. Sectors become popular and then go out of favor. No one knows how long these trends will last. But we can be aware of these changes and learn to respond in an effective way. FundX President Janet Brown shows you how you can […]

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Markets Test New Highs

May 5, 2015

April started strong, with leading areas like biotech, small caps and tech surging and pushing most indexes to fresh highs. But by the middle of the month, a counter-trend rally appeared and the strongest areas were hardest hit. Small- and mid-cap stocks had led in March but they posted losses in April. The small-cap Russell […]

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May 2015 Fund & ETF Changes

May 1, 2015

Funds change over time, and we change our fund listings in response. We highlight changes to the funds and ETFs listed in the monthly newsletter and online. Moved to Online Supplement Class 2 Rydex Nova (RYNVX) was moved to the online Supplement due to size. Added Matthews Asia Dividend (MAPIX) reopened to new investors on April 30, 2015, […]

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Vanguard’s Shorter Redemption Fee Policy

April 30, 2015

Vanguard’s brokerage service now has a much more favorable redemption fee policy. According to its 2015 fee schedule, no-transaction-fee funds in Vanguard’s FundAccess program must be held a minimum of just 60 days. Previously, Vanguard had one of the more onerous redemption fee policies: investors were required to hold funds 180 days to avoid a […]

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Are You Getting Financial Advice That’s in Your Best Interest?

April 28, 2015

Are you getting financial advice that’s in your best interest? It depends who’s giving you financial advice. Registered investment advisors or RIAs are required to make recommendations that they believe are in your best interests – this is known as the fiduciary standard. (FundX Investment Group, publisher of NoLoad FundX, is an RIA.)  Most RIAs […]

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Investing Mistakes & Opportunities (Video)

April 21, 2015

When your investment strategy doesn’t work the way you hope it will, you may feel like you’ve made a mistake. But as FundX President Janet Brown explains in her latest video, what feels like a mistake may actually be an important opportunity. Click below to watch Janet’s video. Having difficulty viewing this video? Find it on […]

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On Forbes: 4 Things Investors Should Do Every Year

April 14, 2015

Getting your investments in order can really pay off over time. In her latest Forbes piece, FundX President Janet Brown shared four things that FundX portfolio managers do for their clients and she explains how you can do the same in your own account today. Click here to read Janet’s Forbes piece, Four Things Investors […]

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