When your investment strategy doesn’t work the way you hope it will, you may feel like you’ve made a mistake. But as FundX President Janet Brown explains in her latest video, what feels like a mistake may actually be an important opportunity.

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forbesimageGetting your investments in order can really pay off over time.

In her latest Forbes piece, FundX President Janet Brown shared four things that FundX portfolio managers do for their clients and she explains how you can do the same in your own account today.

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Here’s the first step:

1. Get Organized

Many of investors aren’t exactly sure how their portfolios are invested, and they’re not alone. A RebalanceIRA survey of baby boomers saving for retirement found that 20% didn’t know how much they had in stocks or stock funds.

To find out how you’re allocated for retirement, consider all of the accounts you’ve earmarked for retirement, and then determine how much is invested in stock funds, bond funds or cash (or cash equivalents). You should come up with a percentage in stocks or stock funds and a percentage in bonds or bond funds.

Once you’ve organized your investments, it’s easier to see if there are any changes to be made. You may realize that while you thought you had a diversified stock portfolio, your portfolio is fairly concentrated in one sector. And if this sector sold off suddenly, it could have a major impact on your portfolio.

What else should you do to get your accounts in order? Click here to get more of Janet’s portfolio management tips.


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