Should You Buy Funds in December?

by noloadfundx on December 11, 2014

calendarShould you avoid investing in funds in December? That was USA Today’s suggestion: “If you’re a mutual fund investor, and thinking of buying a fund in a taxable account between now and Dec. 31, here’s a tip: Don’t,” wrote columnist John Waggoner.

Why? USA Today points to year-end distributions. It’s true that some funds are expected to make large payouts of capital gains to shareholders this month, and investors who buy these funds in taxable accounts will have to pay taxes on these distributions. But investors who avoid investing this month risk missing out on good gains during what has historically been a strong month for stocks.

Don’t Stop, Just Use Caution

A better option is to simply take distributions into account this time of year. Continue reading “Should You Buy Funds in December?” »


On Forbes: 4 Things Investors Should Do in December

by noloadfundx on December 9, 2014

forbesimageDecember is a busy time for most people, and investors are no exception, FundX President Janet Brown explained in her latest Forbes piece, 4 Things Investors Should Do in December.

“This month, my team and I are busy helping clients manage taxable year-end distributions. We’re helping retirees take their required minimum IRA distributions, and reminding clients to make their annual IRA contributions. And–as always–we’re working to keep our portfolios invested in leading funds. You can do the same in your portfolio,” Janet wrote.

Find out what steps to take this month. Click here to read Janet’s Forbes piece.


10 Largest Mutual Fund Distributions

December 4, 2014

Every year, we collect all available year-end distribution information for the nearly 500 equity funds in NoLoad FundX. In the last few years, fund distributions were relatively small, since most funds still had losses that they could use to offset capital gains. But after five years of strong markets, many funds now have good gains, […]

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U.S. Large-Cap Growth Continues to Lead

December 2, 2014

U.S. markets notched another month of gains in November extending the rebound off the October correction lows. U.S. large-cap stocks are on track to return above-average gains this year, but not all markets boast such a strong showing. U.S. small caps barely gained in November and are up less than 2% this year-to-date. Developed foreign markets gained half as much […]

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December 2014 Fund & ETF Changes

December 1, 2014

Each month, we highlight changes to the funds and ETFs listed in the monthly newsletter and online. Closed to New Investors Driehaus International Discovery (DRIDX) closed to new investors. Because the fund was closed and low ranked, we moved it to the online Supplement. Institutional Investors Only UBS Global Sustainable Equity (BNUEX), which was listed […]

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Distribution Update – Marsico, Oakmark, Schwab, American Beacon, Value Line Funds

November 26, 2014

To help you prepare for year-end distributions, we’re sharing distribution estimates for some of the funds in NoLoad FundX as fund companies make this information available. Distribution estimates for all of the equity funds in NoLoad FundX will be available in the December issue, available December 1st after 6pm pacific time. Marsico Funds estimated distribution […]

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BottomLine Personal: Stock Funds for 2015

November 25, 2014

FundX President Janet Brown’s cover article in the December 1, 2014 issue of BottomLine Personal shares “which funds look most attractive for 2015”.  (The article is currently only available to BottomLine subscribers.) Of course, no one can know today which funds will ultimately bring in the best returns next year, but Janet focused on the […]

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On Forbes: How You Can Avoid the Lure of Stock Market Stories

November 20, 2014

“We all want to know what the future holds — whether it’s what happens in a gripping novel or that happens in the stock market,” FundX President Janet Brown wrote in her latest Forbes piece, How You Can Avoid the Lure of Stock Market Stories. Click here to read Janet’s Forbes piece. Stock market stories […]

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Distribution Update – Wells Fargo Advantage, Hennessy, Matthews Asia & Sit Funds

November 18, 2014

To help you prepare for year-end distributions, we’re sharing distribution estimates for some of the funds in NoLoad FundX as fund companies make this information available. Matthews Asia estimated distribution information  Hennessy estimated distribution information Wells Fargo Advantage estimated distribution information  Sit Funds estimated distribution information Remember that Ariel Funds, including recent leader Ariel (ARGFX), […]

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3 Leading Sustainable Responsible Investing (SRI) Funds

November 18, 2014

There are now hundreds of sustainable responsible investing funds, or SRI funds, on the market. These funds seek out companies that have strong environmental, social or corporate governance (ESG) characteristics. With so many SRI funds to choose from, it can be a challenge for investors to decide which funds to own and when to move […]

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