moneylifeshow-imageFundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne answered investors’ questions about stock and bond funds on the “Hold it or Fold it” segment of the MoneyLife Show with Chuck Jaffe.

Listeners from across the country asked Jason for his take on foreign and domestic stock funds as well as a strategic bond fund.

1. SSGA Emerging Markets (SSEMX)

“Emerging market funds have been a tough place to invest for the last several years and continue to be weak today. There are so many better opportunities with similar risk to invest in.  I would much rather see investors put their money into something that’s working,” Jason said.

2. Morgan Creek Global Tactical ETF (GTAA)

“I love the concept of a global tactical asset allocation approach. It’s what we do. But this ETF is down this year when most similar strategies are up so I would pass.”

3. Vanguard Mega cap Growth ETF (MGK)

“Large-cap U.S. growth continue to be our core positions. MGK is a fund we own and continue to buy. It’s not the most highly ranked, but it is a buy, and I see no reason to shy away from it at this point.”

4. Osterweis Strategic Income (OSTIX)

“OSTIX has had great performance without too much volatility. All fixed income has come under some pressure as rates have come up, and this fund is not immune to that. But it is in our portfolios, and if I was going to add money to fixed income, this fund would be on my list of potential funds to buy.”

Click below to listen to Jason’s full 16-minute interview:


fb-vanguardtipsVanguard is the largest fund company in the world and the second largest ETF provider. It has hundreds of funds — both index funds and actively managed funds — and its funds are available to most investors through their brokerage accounts or retirement plans.

We cover Vanguard funds and ETFs in NoLoad FundX, and we help investors determine which Vanguard funds to own now and when to move on to other funds. We also try to help investors understand how Vanguard funds and ETFs may differ from one another.  

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