fb-setyourselfupforsuccess2017What are you trying to accomplish this year? What do you NEED to know to make that happen?

Maybe you’re out of the market, and you need to get invested again if you hope to grow your portfolio.

Or perhaps your bond positions lost money last year when interest rates rose, and you want to learn a better way to adapt to changing markets.

We’ve been helping investors make these important decisions for more than 40 years, and we share the tools and strategies that have worked for us for decades on the FundX blog.  

To help you start the New Year focused and ready, we’ve collected some of our most valuable guidance from 2016 in one place.

Make this the year you make real progress on your investment goals.

How to get (& stay) invested


If you’ve got some cash that you’ve been meaning to invest, now’s the time to get back in the market. The sooner you invest, the more time your money has to grow. Use our five-step guide to get (and stay) invested.

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How to effectively manage your fund portfolio

fb-stayontopggbridgeNow that you’re invested, how can you stay on top of your funds and effectively manage your portfolio over time? That’s what we’ve been doing for our clients for nearly 50 years, and these four tips can help you save time and money.

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What to do in uncertain markets

fb-4certaintiesUncertainty is part of long-term investing, just like it’s part of life. 

One way to deal with uncertainty is to focus on what we know, not on what we don’t know. Here are four certainties to get you started.

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How to navigate changing bond markets 

fb-navigatingchangingbondmarketsWorried about how higher interest rates will affect the bond market? Make sure you have a plan that helps you adapt to changing markets. It’s what we’ve been doing for decades. Here are the four key steps.

Learn more: Plan for changing bond markets



How to take required minimum distributions (RMDs)

fb-rmdquestionsOnce you’re 70½, the IRS requires that you withdraw a minimum amount from your retirement account(s) each year in what’s called a required minimum distribution, or RMD. But how should you take your RMD—all at once or in installments? And when should you make your withdrawal? Get answers here.

Get: Tips for Taking Your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)



 How to Build Wealth and Build a Better World

fb-jumpintosriSustainable responsible impact (SRI) investing is one of the fastest growing areas of the fund industry. How can you invest in a way that makes money and makes a difference? Watch this video to get started.

Watch: How to Invest for Good



How to Avoid Election-Year Mistakes

fb-electionyearinvestingThe election may be over, but our post on investing in an election-year is still worth reading, particularly if if you’re still concerned about how the new administration might affect the market.

Read: 3 Ways to Avoid Election-year Mistakes


How can your investment choices actually make a difference in the world?

In the past, it usually meant avoiding certain investments, such as tobacco or firearms. But another way is to tap into your power as a shareholder.

As an investor, you have more power than you might think. You can vote at shareholder meetings and file shareholder resolutions—and this can have real results. Investors have persuaded hundreds of companies to make significant improvements in this way.

Some mutual funds do this for you. They’ll engage with companies on your behalf and work to help companies move forward. Funds can amplify your voice and help you make a bigger impact.

How do funds make this happen? FundX President Janet Brown shares some specific examples in her latest video.

Click below to watch.



Many people like the idea of investing in a way that helps them make money while making a positive impact on the world. But they’re understandably skeptical about how can their investments really make a difference. How does it really work? 

One way is through divestment: you can withhold your support of certain companies or industries, like tobacco or gambling.

But divesting is just one way to affect change—and it may not be the most powerful. That’s because when you divest, you lose your voice in how a company operates. You lose your ability to help a company do better.

That’s where shareholder engagement comes in. Instead of avoiding a company, you can invest in it and then use your power as a shareholder to help the company move forward.

Many funds are very active shareholders. They meet with company executives, vote proxies, and file shareholder resolutions. They work to educate the public and bring media attention to important issues.

And this work has paid off. They’ve prompted hundreds of corporations to better address environmental concerns and labor issues. They’ve worked with companies regarding executive pay and diversity on corporate boards.

Engagement is an important way that your investments can help you make an impact, and yet few investors are aware of it.

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