Afraid of Stocks?

by noloadfundx on September 16, 2014

bottomlinepersonalFundX President Janet Brown shares her four-step approach for getting back in the market in her September 15, 2014 Bottom Line Personal cover article, “Afraid of Stocks?”.

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If you’re nervous about investing more, or perhaps any of your money, here’s a simple strategy I use with clients,” she wrote.

1. Get a substantial portion of your portfolio invested, but don’t try to invest all your cash at one time. Investing all at once “is too unnerving for most people, so holding back 50% to 70% limits the pain the event that there’s a sudden market pullback,” Janet wrote.

2. Invest another 10% of your portfolio every month. “Discipline is the key to easing into the market,” Janet said. “The least profitable strategy is to follow your emotions, leaping into the market when stock prices shoot up or hoarding cash as soon as the market pulls back.” Continue reading “Afraid of Stocks?” »


chartmagnifyingglassHistorically, growth and value funds have led at different times. Growth led in the late 1980s, and then market leadership rotated to value in the early 1990s and substantially outperformed for over five years. Growth led again in the late 1990s and value funds again led from 2000 to 2003.

But recently both growth and value funds have been bringing in good returns. In the September issue of NoLoad FundX, Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Growth (RPG) and Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Value (RPV) – two ETFs that track the growth or value stocks in the S&P 500 — were among the top-ranked diversified funds. RPG was ranked #2 and RPV was ranked #3.

These Guggenheim ETFs each target a sub-set of the S&P 500. The S&P 500 is weighted by market cap – the stock with the largest capitalization (as measured by shares outstanding times current price per share) has the largest position in the index. Currently, that stock is Apple.

The S&P 500 Pure Growth and Pure Value Indexes are weighted by their style attributes rather than market cap. The Pure Growth Index tracks the stocks in the S&P 500 that have the strongest growth fundamentals, such as sales growth and earnings growth. Its top stock is Keurig Green Mountain. The Pure Value Index tracks the companies with the strongest value fundamentals, like the ratio of a company’s sales to its share price, or its earnings-to-price ratio. Its largest position is Alcoa.

Why Own Both RPG and RPV? Continue reading “A Closer Look at Two Leaders: Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Growth & Pure Value” »


Janet Brown’s September 2014 Market Update (video)

September 9, 2014

FundX President Janet Brown reveals recent stock and bond fund trades, and she shares her thoughts on the possibility of rising interest rates. Click below to watch.

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