moneylifeshow-imageFundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne answered investors’ questions about stock and bond funds on the “Hold it or Fold it” segment of the MoneyLife Show with Chuck Jaffe.

Listeners from across the country asked Jason for his take on dividend ETFs, bond funds, and two funds that sound less risky than they actually are.

DoubleLine Core Fixed Income (DBLFX) 

“This is a good fund. We owned it for quite some time and we actually just sold it last month. We do own DoubleLine Total Return, which stayed highly ranked.  Given that, I’d call DBLFX a sell, and go with DLTNX instead.”

PIMCO Fundamental IndexPlus Absolute Return (PIXAX)

“With absolute return in the name, it sounds like it’s going to add some stability, but it’s actually a very volatile fund. If I did buy this, I would use it sparingly and I wouldn’t take as big of a position as I would in more of a core fund. This fund also hasn’t done as well, so I would call it a sell.”

iShares MSCI USA Quality Factor ETF (QUAL)

“This is an ETF that’s in our newsletter and rated as a Buy. It’s a core fund, a large-cap U.S. fund that emphasizes companies depending on the quality of their earnings and tends to invest in a growth manner. It’s doing well.”

iShares Core Dividend (HDV)

“This ETF is a buy. It was a solid hold at the start of the year, but it’s come up the ranks as the market’s dropped.”

Market Vectors Wide Moat ETF (MOAT)

“You listen to the word ‘moat’ and you think it’s defensive, but it’s really not. It owns 20 different large-cap stocks. The name’s great, but the reality is that it’s not holding up any better than the market, and it didn’t do as well last year. I’d call it a sell.”

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A Volatile Start to the Year

February 2, 2016

mountain_climberStocks turned in their worst January performance since 2009. The large-cap S&P 500 index lost -5.0% as did the MSCI Emerging Markets and EAFE indexes, and the small-cap Russell 2000 sank -8.6%. Slowing growth in China was cited as a catalyst for the decline, so it’s not surprising that Chinese stocks were among the hardest hit, down as much as 15%.

According to AAII, investor pessimism has surged lately to levels last seen in 2009, but history has shown that short-term events have little long-term impact on the value of stocks, and that the best times to buy stocks has been when everyone else is selling. And history also shows that most investors do just the opposite, sell into stock market declines and buy into mature bull market rallies.

What to do now

We know that we have to accept volatility if we invest in stocks because stocks are inherently volatile. Over time, investors have been rewarded with higher returns than less volatile investments like bonds and cash. Since 1950, stocks, as measured by the S&P 500, have gained an average of 11% annualized compared to 6% for bonds. Volatility can make it tough for investors to hold stocks long enough to experience those terrific long-term results, but if we can stick it out, those gains can change our lives.

Focus on funds with strong recent returns

In sell offs, recently leading areas of the market are often hit hardest and that’s what we saw in January as previously strong U.S. large-cap growth funds and biotech funds sank. But some funds, like dividend funds and utilities sector funds, held up better than others. Continue reading “A Volatile Start to the Year” »


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