Is the market too high?

Markets have continued to rally in 2018, and while some investors are euphoric, others are concerned that a correction’s around the corner.

On Marketwatch, FundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne reminded investors that market conditions will change eventually.

“This environment pushes people to buy dips,” Jason said. “Will that last forever? Of course not. You have to hope people are being realistic.”

How can you be realistic and make sure you’re prepared for future markets?

Set realistic expectations

Recognize that markets change over time, and these changes are nearly impossible to predict in advance.

Predictions often come from knowledgeable people with logical explanations, but markets don’t listen to logic. Many pundits have been predicting the end of the bull market for years now, and yet markets have moved even higher.

Investors often try to anticipate future market action, and yet the markets often do the opposite of what most people expect. That’s one reason why market timing is so treacherous.

Markets also give false signals and make investors think something is going to happen when something much different happens.

So if you accept that you can’t know the future, how can you move forward? Continue reading “Markets Keep Going Up. Should You Worry?” »


What do you want to learn in 2018?

You might be looking for new investment opportunities. Maybe you’ve been invested in the U.S. and you want to learn more about how to invest globally.

Or perhaps you want to read more about what you can do about higher interest rates so you’ll feel more confident about your bond investments.  

You could be thinking about how to simplify your investments in the coming years so that it’s easier for you to stay on track.  

These are all important goals, and we can help you get started on them now so you can start the New Year focused and ready.

We’ve collected some of our most valuable guidance from 2017 all in one place. It includes tips to help you invest globally, insights on changing interest rates from our chief investment officer, as well as strategies that can help you streamline your investing.  

Capitalize on global trends

U.S. markets have been in favor for years now, but foreign markets had a strong showing in 2017 and they could continue to do well in 2018.

How can you capitalize on global market trends? These four tips can help you adapt to changing markets and avoid common mistakes.  

Get our foreign investing tips here.

Build wealth and a better world

Investors are increasingly looking for ways to invest that can make a positive impact. As FundX President Janet Brown explains in this video, you can use sustainable investing to help you make money and make a difference.

Click here to get the facts about sustainble investing.  

Plan for higher interest rates

FundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne talked to CNBC about changing interest rates, but the bigger question, is what can you do about interest rates now when there’s still so much uncertainty?

We shared three practical tips to help you stay on track here.

Read what to do about interest rates.


Focus on bond funds

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