FundX CIO Jason Browne’s MoneyLife Market Call

by noloadfundx on July 22, 2014

FundX’s Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne talked with Chuck Jaffe on the MoneyLife show on July 17, 2014. The show, Jaffe explains, aims to be a place to “talk stocks, funds, markets, and more with really smart folks.”

The first four minutes of the interview provide a good introduction to FundX’s unconventional Upgrading strategy. Jason shared how FundX looks at the world as well as how we determine which funds to buy and sell.

“Our way of looking at the world is that market leadership is not a constant, but rather is something that changes over time,” Jason said. “As trends come in and out, they last for a long enough time that if you just stay alert to what’s happening currently, it’s actually not that hard to take advantage of leadership changes that take place.”

Today’s Market Leaders

Current leadership changes have favored a diverse mix of funds, Jason noted. He pointed out that NoLoad FundX top-ranked funds include both value funds like Sound Shore (SSHFX) and growth funds like Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Growth (RPG).

“Even though we’re following funds based on who’s currently doing the best, we’re finding our portfolios broadly spread out among value and growth, various market capitalizations,” Jason said.

But we know that markets will eventually change. “No trend lasts forever,“ Jason said. “Sooner or later, I would expect that large-cap U.S. will fall out of favor, but we haven’t seen that yet.”

Many investors focus only on what funds to buy, but Jason pointed out that this is just one part of the equation: “Sell decisions are every bit as important as those buy decisions,” he said. One lagging area of the market has been dividend-focused funds. “They continue to make money for people, but people are looking for growth now…People are more willing to take a little risk and they’re being rewarded for it.”

In the ‘Hold it or Fold it’ segment of the MoneyLife Show, Jason answered listener questions about funds and ETFs like SSGA S&P 500 Index (SVSPX), American Balanced Fund (ABALX), Dodge and Cox Global (DODWX), iShares High Dividend Equity (HDV), and Vanguard Mega-cap 300 Growth (MGK).

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Janet Brown’s July 2014 Market Update (Video)

by noloadfundx on July 17, 2014

It’s been a good year so far for both stocks and bonds and in her latest video, FundX President Janet Brown shares where FundX stock and bond portfolios are invested.

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