Subscriber Q&A: Waiting for Interest Rates to Rise

May 22, 2014

Subscriber Question: Given that interest rates are likely to rise, shouldn’t NoLoad FundX’s bond portfolio have more exposure to short-term bonds, floating-rate funds or Treasuries? NoLoad FundX Answer: We recognize that with rates at historic lows, they have to rise eventually, but we don’t think anyone can accurately predict when rates will rise or how […]

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Subscriber Q&A: Long-Term Bond Funds

October 25, 2011

Subscriber Question: Long-term Treasury bond funds seem to be doing well lately. Would you consider including them in the Monthly Flexible Income Portfolio? NoLoad FundX Answer: We tend to avoid the long-term Treasury funds because they can be quite volatile.  They move inversely to interest rates – as do all government and other high credit […]

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