sustainable responsible investing

4 Myths of Sustainable Investing (video)

January 31, 2017

Most investors today are interested sustainable responsible impact investing (SRI). But they let common misconceptions hold them back. They’re still thinking about the way sustainable investing used to be. They don’t realize how much has changed. Sustainable investing has really evolved since we first started managing sustainable portfolios for clients more than 20 years ago, […]

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Tap into Your Power as a Shareholder (video)

December 21, 2016

How can your investment choices actually make a difference in the world? In the past, it usually meant avoiding certain investments, such as tobacco or firearms. But another way is to tap into your power as a shareholder. As an investor, you have more power than you might think. You can vote at shareholder meetings […]

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Find Funds That Build Wealth & Support Your Values, Too (video)

December 13, 2016

Here’s a simple thing you can do to support the issues that matter to you: Invest in a way that has a positive impact. There are funds that can help you build wealth and support your values, too. They’re called sustainable responsible impact (SRI) funds, and they’re one of the fastest growing areas of the mutual […]

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How to Build Wealth and a Better World (video)

December 2, 2016

Many people today want to invest in a way that helps them get ahead and also supports the issues that matter to them. Too often, it feels like they’re forced to choose between their investments and their values—and that’s a tough choice to make. FundX President Janet Brown struggled with this for years. She spent her work […]

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How Undiscovered Sustainable Funds Are Changing The Game

October 17, 2016

Most investors today want funds that seek out companies that support clean air and water, produce safe products, and are well managed. But with more than 25,000 funds available today, how can you find funds that are trying to do the right thing? We’ve been managing portfolios of sustainable funds for decades, and now there are […]

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Sustainable Investing – How to Get Started (video)

September 14, 2016

If you’re interested in having your investments reflect your values, where do you start? FundX President Janet Brown has been managing sustainable portfolios for decades now, and she explains how sustainable funds can help you make money and make a difference. Click below to watch: Trouble viewing this video? Find it on YouTube here. Summary: […]

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Sustainable Responsible Investing Has Come a Long Way (video)

July 16, 2015

“Many of the investors I talk to these days aren’t only focused on gains,” FundX President Janet Brown explains in her latest video. “They also want to invest in a way that has a positive impact on the world.” And sustainable responsible investing, or SRI, helps them do just that. Sustainable responsible investing (also known as […]

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4 Leading Sustainable Responsible Investing (SRI) Funds

June 18, 2015

Sustainable responsible investing (SRI) funds began in the 1970s, but they’ve grown tremendously in the last decade. In 2005, there were around 200 SRI funds, but by 2014 there were more than 900, according to the Forum for Sustainable Responsible Investment (US SIF). Today, many of the largest fund companies like Vanguard and iShares offer […]

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How to Easily Invest Sustainably & Responsibly

June 11, 2015

Many investors are turning to sustainable responsible investing (also known as socially responsible investing or ethical investing). A Morgan Stanley report found that 71% of investors are interested in sustainable investing. For many investors, SRI is a way to align their portfolios with their principles. These investors want to grow their portfolios, but they also want […]

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3 Leading Sustainable Responsible Investing (SRI) Funds

November 18, 2014

There are now hundreds of sustainable responsible investing funds, or SRI funds, on the market. These funds seek out companies that have strong environmental, social or corporate governance (ESG) characteristics. With so many SRI funds to choose from, it can be a challenge for investors to decide which funds to own and when to move […]

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