floating rate funds

Subscriber Q&A: Waiting for Interest Rates to Rise

May 22, 2014

Subscriber Question: Given that interest rates are likely to rise, shouldn’t NoLoad FundX’s bond portfolio have more exposure to short-term bonds, floating-rate funds or Treasuries? NoLoad FundX Answer: We recognize that with rates at historic lows, they have to rise eventually, but we don’t think anyone can accurately predict when rates will rise or how […]

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Bond Funds for a Rising Interest-Rate Environment

June 11, 2013

Interest rates rose sharply in May, but no one knows whether they are near the top of a trading range or if they are starting a sustained upward climb. Most bonds are negatively affected by rising interest-rates since bond prices fall when interest rates rise, but not all areas of the bond market are equally […]

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On Forbes: Floating Rate Funds

May 27, 2011

NoLoad FundX Editor Janet Brown’s latest post on the Forbes Investor Team blog, Intelligent Investing, looks at whether floating rate funds are the answer to rising interest rates. Rising interest rates can hurt investors who own bonds or bond mutual funds, and many fixed income investors are worried that rates are so low right now […]

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