How Funds Can Make a Difference

March 16, 2017

How you invest your money can be a vote for the issues you want to support—from fairness and equality to safety and sustainability. But how does it actually work? How do your mutual funds try to make difference in the world? There are three strategies that mutual funds have been using for years: 1. Divestment: Avoid objectionable companies […]

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4 Myths of Sustainable Investing (video)

January 31, 2017

Most investors today are interested sustainable responsible impact investing (SRI). But they let common misconceptions hold them back. They’re still thinking about the way sustainable investing used to be. They don’t realize how much has changed. Sustainable investing has really evolved since we first started managing sustainable portfolios for clients more than 20 years ago, […]

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3 Environmentally Focused Funds for Earth Day

April 22, 2014

Sustainable, responsible investing (SRI) considers a company’s environmental, social and social governance. But some SRI funds focus more on governance, and others focus more on the environment. For Earth Day, we’ve highlighted a few of the SRI funds in NoLoad FundX that take an environmentally friendly investment approach (this post does not constitute a recommendation, […]

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What is Socially Responsible Investing?

July 23, 2013

Some investors consider a fund’s risk level or its past performance, but other investors may consider if an investment is aligned with their values. These investors may seek out environmentally friendly investments that focus on clean energy and water, for example, or they may avoid investing their money in companies that are involved in gambling, […]

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