NoLoad FundX

Secrets of a Long-Term Investing Strategy

April 14, 2016

Most of us are long-term investors. We need to grow our portfolios over many years in order to reach our goals, but it can be a challenge to find a strategy that will be around for decades. Few advisors have a 40-year track record, and more than two-thirds of the investment newsletters that were around […]

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A Closer Look at Two Leaders: Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Growth & Pure Value

September 11, 2014

Historically, growth and value funds have led at different times. Growth led in the late 1980s, and then market leadership rotated to value in the early 1990s and substantially outperformed for over five years. Growth led again in the late 1990s and value funds again led from 2000 to 2003. But recently both growth and […]

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9 Ways We Vet Funds & ETFs in NoLoad FundX

April 29, 2014

Did you know there are over 25,000 mutual funds and ETFs available to investors today? That’s more than the number of stars most of us can see in the night sky. With all these options, it’s difficult for investors to know where to start. We can help. In our four decades of fund investing, we’ve […]

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Our Core Beliefs about Investing

April 11, 2014

A lot has changed since we first started publishing NoLoad FundX in April 1976: noload funds are now common place, and we place trades online rather than through the mail. But our core beliefs about investing are the same. We still believe that markets change and that these changes bring new investment opportunities. We believe […]

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Why NoLoad FundX? Insights from Longtime Subscribers

April 9, 2014

April marks 38 years since NoLoad FundX began, and some of our subscribers have been with the newsletter for much of that time. Earlier this year, we touched base with subscribers who have been with NoLoad FundX for at least 20 years, and we asked them what they found compelling about the newsletter. “It makes […]

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Five Lessons from Five Years Ago

March 20, 2014

Today, with stock markets hitting new highs, it can be hard to remember what it was like five years ago in March 2009 as markets were hitting bottom. But here at NoLoad FundX, we don’t have to try to remember what it was like: we have past issues of NoLoad FundX to remind us. And […]

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Passive or Active – Why Choose?

February 20, 2014

Should investors hold actively managed funds that attempt to outperform the market over time, or should they invest in passively managed index funds, which offer the same return as the market, but can never beat the market? Too often active and passive funds are pitted against each other, leaving investors feeling like they have to […]

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Leading Funds Provide Ample Diversification

January 28, 2014

Some investors believe that in order to hold a diversified portfolio, they have to hold many areas of the market – large-caps and small-caps, value and growth, and international and domestic markets – regardless of how these areas of the market are performing. But investors don’t have to hold lagging areas of the market in […]

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37 Years of NoLoad FundX

April 9, 2013

Thirty-seven years ago, investors couldn’t just go online to find out how their funds were performing. There was no internet or Morningstar, and newspapers reported mutual fund prices, but not returns.  NoLoad FundX stepped in to fill that void in 1976, offering individual investors reliable performance data on noload funds, allowing for immediate comparisons. The […]

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