FundX President Janet Brown’s take on 5 Funds & ETFs

July 11, 2017

With interest rates rising, which bond funds are worth owning now and which bond funds should you avoid?

And when it comes to stock funds, is this a good time to own commodity funds or large-cap growth funds?

These are some of the questions FundX President Janet Brown answered from investors across the country in the ‘Hold it or Fold it’ segment of the MoneyLife show on July 5, 2017.

“We invest in funds that have done well recently because these funds tend to continue to do well in the coming months or even years,” Janet explained. This approach has been confirmed by decades of academic and industry research, and our own nearly 50-year experience.

Get Janet’s take on intermediate-term bond funds, growth stock funds, and commodity funds.

1. PIMCO Commodities Plus Strategy A shares (PCLAX)

“Commodities have just not been doing well, so I would sell this fund,” Janet said. “Commodities will have their day, and we’ll be there, but right now is not the time.”

2. PIMCO Income (PONDX)

“This fund has done well, and we own it and continue to buy it. Strategic, go-anywhere, bond funds like PONDX can be a way to add meaningfully to your performance in bond funds.”  

3. Vanguard Intermediate-term Investment Grade Bond (VFICX)

“In this environment of low defaults and rising Fed interest rates, this fund is a clear sell because there are so many alternatives that are bringing in attractive returns.”   

4. T. Rowe Price Growth (PRGFX)

“This a fund we own and continue to buy. It’s had very solid returns, and it’s a Buy.”  

 5. Vident International Equity ETF (VIDI)

“This is an interesting ETF that’s done very well,” Janet said. “It tends to go for more principled countries. It’s values-based and goes for good governance. It’s a buy, but investors should be aware that this ETF is somewhat thinly traded, so pay attention to the spread between the bid and the ask price.”

Listen to Janet’s full interview with MoneyLife host Chuck Jaffe here:

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