The Best Performing Momentum Strategy

February 11, 2017

Did you see Mark Hulbert’s recent Marketwatch article about momentum investing, How to bet on stock market momentum?

It’s focused on momentum investing strategies, like our Upgrading approach.

Not all momentum strategies have a good track record, Hulbert noted.

But NoLoad FundX’s strategy was an exception:

“The best-performing momentum strategy over the long term, among the couple of hundred strategies I have tracked over the last three decades, is recommended by NoLoad FundX, an advisory service edited by Janet Brown,” Hulbert wrote.

What’s the secret to our success?

Hulbert says it comes down to measuring fund momentum over just the right amount of time.

“When momentum is measured over too short a period, followers get whipsawed too many times. And when it’s measured over too long a period, it takes too long to get on board with the market’s new trends,” he wrote.

“The sweet spot appears to be the one that NoLoad FundX has been employing for several decades.”

Momentum strategies have struggled in recent years, but as you’ll learn in Hulbert’s article, now may be a good time for strategies like ours.

Click here to read Hulbert’s article.

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