How to Build Wealth and a Better World (video)

December 2, 2016

Many people today want to invest in a way that helps them get ahead and also supports the issues that matter to them.

Too often, it feels like they’re forced to choose between their investments and their values—and that’s a tough choice to make.

FundX President Janet Brown struggled with this for years. She spent her work days helping her clients build wealth, and in her free time, she volunteered, served on the boards of non-profits, and even traveled to Honduras and Borneo to help those less fortunate.

Click below to find out how Janet brought these two pieces of her life together by starting to manage sustainable responsible impact (SRI) portfolios.  



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So much of investing is about our goals, but most of us also care about other people. We need to make money if we hope to retire comfortably or meet our lifelong financial goals, but we also want to make a difference in the world. We want to support the issues and values that matter to us.

For too long, we’ve assumed that we have to choose between our money and our values, but that’s no longer the case. Our investments have an impact, and we can invest in a way that has a positive impact on the world.

Investors who are building wealth through sustainable responsible investing (SRI) feel better about their investments, and they get a different kind of satisfaction from knowing that they’re supporting companies that they can believe in.

Full transcript:

In life as in investing, we all have defining moments. Mine seem to come when I’ve perceived that something wasn’t right – that there had to be a better way.

About 20 years ago, I had one of these moments.

I’d been managing noload fund portfolios for many years at that point. I spent my work days focused on making money for my clients.

And in my free time, I was often working for a better world. I volunteered to support foster kids and underserved people in my community. I traveled to Honduras and Borneo to help build medical clinics.

Here’s a picture of me in Siquatepeque building a Siempre Unidos clinic that today is an important community resource. They feed, educate and heal people who live in a violent, very difficult environment.

I was on a few boards of small non-profits and saw firsthand how very well-meaning people were on one hand focused on making a positive impact, but on the other were totally unaware that their investments could also make a difference.

I realized that even those of us with the best intentions often didn’t realize how our purchases have power. All investments have impact and I could invest in a way that had a positive impact by managing what were then called socially responsible portfolios.

I still invested in noload funds that had good returns, but I began selecting funds that also sought to improve our world.

These portfolios did well. Just as importantly, my clients felt good about their investments. They got a different kind of satisfaction from knowing that they were supporting companies working to improve our world.

These days, socially responsible investing is better known as sustainable responsible investing or impact investing. And it’s one of the fastest growing areas of the fund industry.

More and more investors see it as a better way to invest. That’s how I see it.

I’m investing more of my portfolios in a sustainable way, and I hope you are, too. If you want help investing in a way that can make money and make a difference, give us a call.

Thanks for watching.

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