Hold it or Fold it? FundX President Janet Brown’s Take on 5 Funds & ETFs

December 22, 2015

moneylifeshow-imageIs now a good time to own emerging markets funds? Are precious metals really a safe haven?

FundX President Janet Brown answered these questions and more on the MoneyLife online radio show with Chuck Jaffe.

Janet’s answers to investor questions about 5 funds and ETFs:

1. State Street Emerging Markets (SSEMX)

“This is a very good fund that we have held several times when emerging markets were hot. But this year emerging markets have been a disaster. This fund is down about 17% this year to date, and we’d stay away until performance improves.”

2. Vanguard Mega Cap Growth (MGK)

“This is a core fund that we’ve been holding for a year, and we’d gladly buy more at this point. It’s a large-cap U.S. stock fund, and while this area isn’t always going to lead, it’s a great choice right now. ”

3. Oppenheimer Steel Path MLP Income Fund (MLPDX)

“We’ve stayed away from limited partnerships because we don’t see them as a very safe way to go. As oil prices went down, these funds cratered, and this fund is down 37% this year to date. I’d sell it.”

4. Physical Platinum ETF (PPLT)

“People believe precious metals are somehow safe and stable havens, but funds like this are horribly volatile, and this fund has been a major loser for years. Every dog has its day, but it’s not time to buy this ETF.”

5. Nicholas Fund (NICSX)

“I’ve invested in Nicholas Fund over the years. Right now, however, its performance is relatively poor compared to other core funds, and there are lots of better choices with similar risk at this time.”

Click here to listen to Janet’s full interview:

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