BottomLine Personal: Top Large-Cap Growth Funds

June 16, 2015

Bottomline-mar15Growth funds have been in favor this year, and FundX Chief Investment Officer Jason Browne shared two leading large-cap growth funds with BottomLine Personal.

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The top large-cap growth funds tend to be focused on sectors like health care, technology and consumer ­discretionary, and exposure to these winning areas of the market has helped boost the performance of diversified large-cap funds like Fidelity Blue Chip Growth ­(FBGRX) and Vanguard US Growth (VWUSX).

Fidelity Blue Chip Growth ­(FBGRX) “spreads its assets across more than 350 stocks, but its big emphasis is technology, which takes up about one-third of its assets,” Jason noted.  

Vanguard US Growth (VWUSX), on the other hand, “holds about 160 stocks with two-thirds of the portfolio in health-care, technology and consumer-­discretionary companies.”

Both funds were highly ranked in the June 2015 issue of NoLoad FundX.

Note: Most brokers charge a transaction fee to buy Fidelity Blue Chip Growth or Vanguard US Growth.

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