Why NoLoad FundX? Insights from Longtime Subscribers

April 9, 2014

April marks 38 years since NoLoad FundX began, and some of our subscribers have been with the newsletter for much of that time. Earlier this year, we touched base with subscribers who have been with NoLoad FundX for at least 20 years, and we asked them what they found compelling about the newsletter.

“It makes sense to me”

Most longtime subscribers said they liked the fact that NoLoad FundX’s strategy is quantitative and objective.

“It is completely objective.  It is not subject to opinions, guesses or emotions.” – 68-year-old software engineer

“It is not a predictive approach, but a reactive approach, which logically makes more sense to me since predictions often don’t come true.” – 67-year-old systems analyst

“It works”

Many subscribers said they tried out different investment strategies and newsletters over the years, but they continued to subscribe to NoLoad FundX because, as one 67-year old psychiatrist succinctly put it, “it works.”

When I retired 21 years ago, I rolled my retirement funds into an IRA and had a company invest it. A year later I quit them because of poor performance and subscribed to FundX.” – Retired airline pilot

“I have tried and researched many strategies, including turning over part of my portfolio to professional managers. Upgrading has proven to be the simplest and most reliable method to manage my portfolio for the long term.” – 67-year old subscriber

“It requires little time”

Our subscribers are busy, and many of them said they appreciated the simplicity.

“It’s easy to understand and to implement.” – 70+ year old subscriber

“It’s simple, it makes sense and it requires little time every month.” – 71-year-old engineer

“It has let me concentrate on my legal practice without spending much time on investing.” – 80-year-old attorney

“It’s Fun”

And some folks just plain like managing their investments.

“I enjoy observing the shifts in leadership by the various sectors of the market and being able to adjust my portfolios accordingly.” –  73-year-old subscriber

“If you are willing to analyze timely data, you can do a much better job with your own investments at significantly lower cost. Besides, it’s fun!” – 78-year-old subscriber


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Richard Garrod April 10, 2014 at 1:20 pm

I have been reading FundX for many years and my son, who learned from my habit, has followed you for about 30 years – he just retired at 58 largely because of your newsletter’s expert guidance…

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