NoLoad FundX in the Wall Street Journal

May 9, 2013

wjs-articleNoLoad FundX was featured in the April 26, 2013 Wall Street Journal article, Chasing Hot Mutual-Fund Returns, by Mark Hulbert, editor of the Hulbert Financial Digest.

“Among the dozens of stock mutual-fund advisory services tracked by the Hulbert Financial Digest over the past two decades, the best performer is one that focuses only on returns over the previous 12 months—and it places special emphasis on returns over the trailing one, three and six months,” Hulbert wrote.

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The article highlighted our research on selecting funds by near-term performance versus long-term performance: “The study measured the returns of various hypothetical portfolios that differed only in how many months or years of past performance were used to determine which of these funds to own at any given time. The best portfolio was one that picked funds according to an average of their returns over several recent short-term periods—the trailing one, three, six and 12 months.”

“It’s an article of faith among many investors that they should only buy mutual funds sporting the best long-term performance,” Hulbert wrote. “Yet one of the best methods for picking mutual funds ignores the longer term altogether.”

This article was also reprinted on Marketwatch, with the title “Pick funds with stellar recent returns“.

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