February 2012 Fund & ETF Changes

February 1, 2012

Each month, we highlight the changes we’ve made to the NoLoad FundX fund and ETF listings.

Fund Availability Changes
As we noted earlier in the month,
Class 3 Sequoia (SEQUX) effectively closed to new investors when it became available only through Sequoia (the fund is no longer available through brokers). We’ve kept the fund in Class 3 because it’s been highly ranked and many subscribers now own it.

Class 4 CGM Mutual (LOMMX) is also available only directly from CGM, but since the fund has been low ranked and we don’t believe many subscribers own it, we’ve moved it to our online Supplement section.

We’ve also moved Class 1 T Rowe Price Science & Tech (PRSCX) to the Supplement because it is closed to new investors.

Newly Added to NoLoad FundX
We added a few new funds to our listings this month.

In our core, diversified Class 3 category, we added:

  • ING Corp Leaders (LEXCX)
  • Intrepid Small Cap (ICMAX)
  • Shelton Core Value (EQTIX)

In our total return category, Class 4, we added:

  • FBR Balanced (AFSAX)
  • Vanguard Life Strategy Income (VASIX)

We moved two funds from our core Class 3 category to Class 4’s total return funds. Class 4 funds tend to have lower volatility than the other risk classes and since Hussman Strategic Growth (HSGFX) and Rydex Multi-Hedged Strategy (RYMSX) don’t have full equity exposure, we think they’re a better fit in Class 4.

ETFs Moved to Online Supplement Due to Liquidity Concerns
We continually screen the exchange traded funds (ETFs) in NoLoad FundX for liquidity, and a handful of ETFs are being moved to the online Supplement section due to low assets and/or low trading volume. Subscribers can still track these funds using the FundX Interactive database.

Class 1

  • iShrs MSCI Austria (EWO)
  • iShrs MSCI Belgium (EWK)
  • iShrs MSCI Netherlands (EWN)
  • iShrs MSCI Spain (EWP)
  • SPDR S&P Semiconductor (XSD)

Class 2

  • WisdomTree Australia Div (AUSE)
  • WisdomTree Asia Pacific ex-Japan (AXJL)
  • PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Growth (PWB)
  • PowerShares Zacks MicroCap (PZI)

Class 3

  • RevenueShares Large Cap (RWL)

Name & Ticker Changes
Class 2 Nicholas II (NCTWX) increased its minimum investment to $100,000 and became a fee-fund at most brokers. We updated our listings to use the new no-transaction fee ticker, NNTWX, which also has a more reasonable $2,500 minimum investment.

In Class 3 Fidelity Equity Income II (FEQTX) was renamed Fidelity Equity Dividend Income, and Marshall Mid Cap Val (MRVEX) renamed BMO Mid Cap Value.

Clas 1  Firsthand Technology Leaders (TLFQX) reorganizing into Firsthand Technology Opportunities (TEFQX)

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