NoLoad FundX Featured in the New York Times

November 17, 2011

NoLoad FundX was recently featured in the New York Times.  In his October 29, 2011 column, The Best Investing Advice? Maybe Not the Conventional Method, Paul Sullivan wrote about an analysis we conducted on the performance of over 300 mutual funds. Sullivan interviewed NoLoad FundX editor Janet Brown about our study and our “unconventional” Upgrading strategy.

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Among the results of our analysis was that the best-performing funds were not necessarily those with the lowest expenses, the ones run by the best-known managers, or the ones focused on any particular strategy.

“Over the two decades of the data, no one investment strategy dominated, and most were successful for only four to five years, on average. Not one fund beat the benchmark every year,” Sullivan wrote. “In fact, most funds underperformed the S.& P. 500 about a third of the time.”

Some NoLoad FundX subscribers may already be familiar with this study since we shared some of the results of our analysis in the January and March 2011 issues of the newsletter, and we also discussed it at our recent San Francisco event.

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